2022-11-20 - a 1 minute read (150 wpm)

Trans Day of Remembrance

In memory of all those that we lost along the way

I cannot and likely will never be able to comprehend the hate that so many people feel for what we are.

But that’s not what matters today. What matters today is that we’re still fighting, we’re still here, and we’ll keep building each other up when we’re feeling down. And we’ll continue to fight, together. As a community. Because if there’s one thing I want, is to not have to light more candles next year.

Today is trans day of remembrance, trans day of resistance, trans day of revenge, whatever you want to call it. Because we must never lose sight of what we’ve lost, and never lose sight of what we’re fighting for. A better future for trans people everywhere. Because we shouldn’t just get to survive, we should get to thrive, even in this godforsaken world that’s falling apart.

So let’s stick together and keep going. Keep being there for each other. Keep being the community that’s become the first place that truly felt like home to me, the first place that I've ever truly felt safe in.

#np Amethystium - Transience - Epilogue

In the last year too many trans lives ended early. I feel like this track carries the emotion of grief I am feeling today.

And now, #np Left at London - t.i.a.p.f.y.h.

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